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Gratitude List

I have been enjoying the beautiful Fall colors this Fall, here in Minnesota. They have lasted a long time this year. I love the variety.

I am grateful for the variety of opportunities I have been able to enjoy this year in genealogy. They have added wonderful color to my life as well. Here is a brief list.

  • I have benefited from volunteering at my local Family History Center. I get to keep my skills up in various forms of research and I also get to learn from the patrons that come in.
  • I have had the opportunity through my association with the Germanic Genealogy Society and the German-American Society Partnership we have begun, to connect with other Germanic genealogists and society leaders from all over the U.S. and in various parts of the world.  We are coming together to promote Germanic Heritage – a fabulous cause.
  • I have spoken to various groups in the area and have been able to share in my enthusiasm for researching my family roots in various records.
  • I have connected with some awesome individuals within the Association of Professional Genealogists – Northland Chapter.  Our local chapter is a supportive of its members and many are very active in the genealogical community as well.
  • I am grateful to have attended several conferences that have added to my genealogical well of knowledge and stirred up details that I had forgotten about.  Conferences are also a fun place to connect with others – I have even found a relative or two!

The best way to find genealogy friends is to get involved in the community.  I have found value in society memberships, even those far from my home.  I love communicating with others in social media and giving support and also finding assistance when I need it.

I love that in October when the Fall color was at its peak we also celebrated Family History Month and as a nation we celebrated all of our trees.  May you find gratitude in your genealogy during the beginning of this holiday season.