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After the conference…

It had a great week at the FGS/RootsTech conference.  So much wonderful insight, knowledge, and ideas were shared.  Now what to do with all of that?  I worry that I will forget what I have been taught.  While attending a genealogy conference I am able to focus on just genealogy, and how I want to apply what I am learning.  But when I return home, there are wonderful distractions such as my living family members that need my attention.  When life returns to its’ normal routine, will I remember the ideas I had?

Something that I started doing at SLIG (Salt Lake Institute for Genealogy) this year, was in my notes of what the speakers were saying, I also included the ideas that came to me about how to apply what they were teaching.  “This might work for researching _____ family” or “This topic would make a good article or presentation.”  I also created another document just for ideas to bring back to the Germanic Genealogy Society where I am currently president.  FGS is great about teaching society leaders and members how to strengthen their local societies.

Will I forget?  While I still need to remember to read over my notes and handouts, it is surprising to me how much I do remember.  The facts come back to me often unexpectedly.  Attending a conference with other genealogists is fun because you can brainstorm with those you meet about your specific research and share knowledge and experience.  I try to attend several each year so I can sometimes be reminded of what I have learned in the past, and also so I can gain additional skills.  It is also fun to be around large groups of people that don’t think you are strange for being passionate about family history.