Free Consultation

Provide me with the research or information you have, I will tell you whether I can help.  We can then discuss a contract.


    • Organize and document the research you already have into a genealogy program.
    • Onsite research at an archives, courthouse or other location.
    • Research and document a specific research goal with the results*.

(* All research is progress, accomplishing research goal not guaranteed)

Research Experience

  • U.S. Research  Most of my U.S. research has been in the 19th C. – 20th C.  I have done research in the Midwest and in other parts of the U.S.
  • German Research I have experience reading German church books in the old German script. Late 18th C. – Late 19th C. in Germany. Many records are coming online or are available on microfilm via the Family History Library.
  • Norwegian Research I have experience reading Norwegian church books. I understand the naming patterns and the importance of finding the correct family when the names can often be similar.
  • Other Topics I also have some experience in the following areas: Locating Immigrant Ancestors, Latin records, English Ancestry, Problem Solving and more.


Please use my Contact Me page to inquire about my fees.