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It’s a New Year: My Genealogy Goals

The end of each year is often very busy. It can often be hectic and stressful too. But once they are complete and I look back, I treasure all of the time spent with family, many of whom I don’t see very often.

The New Year brings a fresh start, a break from busy holiday schedules. It is a time to get a start on goals. What stories were shared, photos were discussed, memories were made at recent family gatherings?

My goals for the next year include:

  1. Digitizing and indexing my Great-Grandmother’s journals.

    I only have 4 of them and they give a great glimpse into the busy life of a farming family.  I’m still working on the best method to share them with my family.

  2. Write a short history on a family or ancestor.

    I need some practice writing and I don’t want to pick too large of a project, so I am going to keep the focus small.

  3. Improve my German.

    I am nearly 3/4 German, but I can not speak it (although my husband can and my kids are learning it in school).  While I can find my way around German Church records and a few other documents, my pronunciation is terrible.  I have purchased The German Rosetta Stone software to try and get better.  I am also on my way to the Salt Lake Institute next week.  I’m enrolled in the Advanced German Track.

I could come up with additional 2015 goals but I will keep it simple.  I will be very happy if I can make progress in each of these three goals.